If elected as the SoCS School Rep, I want to focus on 5 key areas:

Accountability & Communication

  • Meet regularly with the Head of School and the Director of Teaching & Learning to ensure students’ voices and issues are heard.
  • Work with SoCS academics to improve communication to students.
  • Ensure that any issues raised with the university are given appropriate responses and where needed, action plans are put in place to resolve the issues.
  • Work with the Student Union to hold the university overall to account, as well as working with them to improve the student experience.

SU & Rep Transparency

  • Ensure to report back to the SoCS student body about the SU and Rep activities, promoting transparency in the way the SU and Reps work on behalf of the SoCS students.
  • Make myself available for regular surgery hours in INB so students can raise issues and discuss things in person, if they’d prefer.

Champion Change

  • Engage with and listen to students to find out what changes they want.
  • Support and push for those changes to improve the student experience.
  • Actively promote ways that students can feedback to the university such as: module feedback surveys, Course Reps and Coursemate (as well as myself).
  • Promote more inter-course and inter-school collaboration, including looking at ways this can be achieved.

Building Community

  • Work with the University and relevant societies to promote the continued building of a community within SoCS. Working with societies such as the Computer Science Society (CSS), the Gaming Development Society, BITS and others.
  • Work with societies to increase the number of well-received events, such as Game-jams and Hackathons.
  • Work with the University Merch team to produce SoCS merch such as hoodies.

Increase Opportunities

  • Push for more industry talks and guest speakers, ensuring these opportunities are widely promoted so students can get the most from them.
  • Work to ensure increased visibility of existing opportunities within SoCS.
  • Work with the University’s Careers and Employability service to make sure opportunities and available services are fully understood and visible within SoCS.

Hello, I'm John 👋

I am currently studying for an MComp in Computer Science at the University of Lincoln. As a mature student, I have a wealth of experience from my career before university. This includes working with various companies to champion and implement improvements to systems and processes. Over the last decade I have learned many skills that will empower me to influence real change, improving the student experience for all SoCS students.

I am hard-working, highly driven and have a ‘can do’ approach (as cliché as that may sound). I also believe in pro-actively working with others to find solutions to issues.

If you’d like to know anything more, feel free to email me at If you see me in person – come and say hello!

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